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Masterplan 4XQTVQuinto di Treviso (Tv), 2004

The masterplan aims to bring back the centrality of ideas and projects along the river in order to regain that link that the town used to have with its past, thinking then to the territory with modern functions with respect to the region characteristics.

The territory of Quinto di Treviso is characterised by the river Sile. Its meandering course creates a landscape particularly interesting by the environment point of view and by the one of the relationship with what lays around.
The urban development of the country has preserved the river while leaving, where in contact with the water surfaces, a functional and formal vagueness.
The river flows through the town without characterizing it, it is like the eye wouldn’t perceive it. The environment values of the river, that are the low banks that reach the water, the rich vegetation that seems to paint many of the edges still untouched by man, the water quality, typical especially in this first section of the Sile, don’t seem to be able to outcrop from the dull and untidy perimeter of a town that has cut all its historical and cultural links with the river.

The strip that is in the urban centre is used just like a waste land, it is just the back of a group of buildings and it isn’t involved in any activity, but very seldom, and unorganized ones. This affects the territory leading to the deterioration of those spaces and their uses, and therefore to a loss of consciousness of the quality of the river and its landscapes.
Its potentialities can be reinterpreted and become this way the natural centre of a town over the waters. Within the idea of this re-qualification lays the area of the ex Biasuzzi pit. A wide basin of water offering a unifying element within the areas it flows through and the sights that it proposes bridging together the two sides of the river in a continuum towards the centre of the village. This central area, now an element severing in two the town, could become a bridge in a new system of paths and functions.

In the masterplan here presented we tried to outline a few areas that could be redeveloped in function of new utilisations and a new system that should cover the area with different gateways where walk and cycle, as opposed to the present-day road system.

The configuration of the river Sile shows all of its continuity at the site of the ex Biasuzzi pit; and this continuity has become the leading thread that unifies all scheduled new activities. In this area, working on abandoned sections and in the transformation phase, it has been devised a system of different interventions. It is called here “a system” as its overall arrangement works according to a scheme of connections and spaces that is linked to the urban fabric, enabling a continuing transit from the centre through natural areas all around.

The project system is defined in the following areas:
- gate
- mall
- water garden
- equipped area.

The planned cultural, recreational and sport activities let an “use” of the river landscape morphology that capitalises its divers vocations. Walk along the water will turn into a way to enrich its understanding, to detect its sensitivity and assure its “maintenance”/ management.
To bring back the centrality of ideas and projects along the river Sile maintains the link with its past and thinks then to the territory with modern functions in respect of the region characteristics. The projects are one with what is already in existence, thinking the spaces with those tools that should be used by an environment sensitivity that uses the language of water landscapes.
The general planimetry describes the fabric of the connections. The paths that link the area of the dew pond, with its new functions, with what lays around have been outlined in a uniform way. The edge of the lake becomes the new walking-cycling ground that unifies the East to the West part of the village, offering this way a safe trail for those who will participate to the new divers activities. The configuration of the green area of the present day is therefore enhanced and becomes the natural bridge between the new developments and the urban fabric already in existence.

Quinto di Treviso (Tv), 2004
Client: Comune di Quinto di Treviso
Project: Made associati _ Michela De Poli e Adriano Marangon
Area: 60.000 mq
Prize: Project selected for the Prize for Urban and regional planning “Luigi Piccinato” 2005, award for a project – Special Mention