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Feasibility study of Marco Polo Venice International Airport Intermodal NodeTessera _ Mestre VE

The Inter-modal Node of Venice Marco Polo airport forms the ‘heart’ of a complex landscape, acting as a real pivot in which different forms of transport merge.
Movement is the essence of these places and through this function different approaches for the occupation have been drawn up for the new distribution areas and planning for the four phases of construction works foreseen (from 2010 to 2030).
The basic criteria of the project development has elaborated several themes signalling sensitive operations (and visible in the different evolutionary phases) for re-interpreting the existing landscapes, such as the discarding and salvage of materials and the safeguard of the existing trees.
The discarding and salvage of materials derives from and, at the same time qualifies the project structuring for different phases of the construction works.
This construction for different parts and the relative formation and ‘decomposition’ of certain areas provides the basis on which to build a sustainable project for redesigning a location. With this principle as a guideline the present of trees and plants lend themselves to becoming places of works in progress and therefore of preparation for the progressive disposal of the planted area destined in part to be relocated, but above all, with a new usage: from here lies the concept of tree nursery in movement.
The project hypothesis for the open spaces and the landscape is generated by the elevated ability of transfer and, as a result, the reuse of the vegetation that comprises the ex-tree nursery present inside the transformation area. ‘Tree nursery in movement’ is the theme that characterises the occupation of the open spaces through a well thought out, organised, timed relocation of the trees, that guides the reuse of the vegetation to design new landscapes, occupy and qualify the rest spaces, and help in the orientation.
Movement is also the subject that models ground and surfaces. Movement intended as relocation of material locally present and reused.
The remodelling and the reuse of vegetation, soil, and surfaces is the guide for a continuous itinerary for the direction and the perceptions in a recomposition of the location that regenerates itself through the reuse of the different materials that it is composed of.

Tessera, Mestre (Ve), 2010
Client: Aeroporto Marco Polo S.p.a. SAVE
Project design group: RTP: Idroesse infrastructures S.p.a., Steam s.r.l., with consultents: Studio Roli associati, Ingegneria 2P&associati s.r.l., Sistemi operativi s.r.l., Ing. M. Gottardo, Ing. M. Vismara e per
Landscape project: Made associati _ Michela De Poli e Adriano Marangon