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Enel ResidenceUdine, 2010

A building project integrating Ater (Azienda territoriale per l’edilizia residenziale) and a private building. Whilst maintaining a net distinction between the two buildings, the housing block presents itself as a single organism, integrating pathways and open spaces.
The functional program foresees the construction of buildings of different sized apartments. On the part of Ater, the scheme is simplified and includes one or two room accommodation with one or two toilet/bathrooms. For the private part of the project, the type of accommodations are more varied, to allow for a more articulated offer: homes with two or three rooms and private garden, homes with two or three rooms with two toilet/bathrooms. The ground-floor apartments have the same configuration as those on the floor above: use of the open green spaces is favoured to avoid a division into private micro-gardens in which privacy would be, in any event, compromised by the overlooking floors above. In this sense, all of the buildings have been raised from the land surface, configuring the ground floor open spaces (of the private area) as an extension of the same building (terraces extended out into the park). For the private building there are some exceptions that utilise the open space like an exclusive garden which have as protection a derivation/deformation of the central band of the rows of bushes that divide the two areas (Ater/private)

Udine, 2010
Client: arch. Diego Baldo
Project: Made associati _ Michela De Poli e Adriano Marangon
Area: 11.000 mq