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Enlargement of the elementary school and new construction of the Italian nursery school at Laghetti _ CompetitionEgna (Bz), 2010

The construction process of the elementary school enlargement and the construction of a new Italian nursery school is formed with the following basic points:
the strict relationship between the scholastic area, object of the contract, and the central town structure,
the reduced spaciousness of the usable area for the new planned building structure,
the articulated inter-connection between the various school buildings in terms of the use of space, the connections and the volumetric proportions.
These are the principle elements that guided the project choices that will be located in the new buildings, constructed as a system of urban links/presences and as a new occupation of functional spaces among the existing buildings.

Laghetti, Egna (Bz), 2010
Client: Comune di Egna
Project: Made associati _ Michela De Poli & Adriano Marangon
Project selected and finalist in the third phase