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San Giovanni’ ParkMusile di Piave (Ve), 2005

The area studied is situated in a central location and is currently used as a sports field for activities connected to the sports associations that manage it and to carry out the special sporting events of the Musile di Piave Neighbourhood Tournament (Palio).
The green area is delimited in its borders by two-storey or three-story residential buildings. The close proximity of the area to the town’s central locations increase its potential as a social catalyst.
The project aims to define a balance between the sports/cultural activities promoted by the associations and a public use of the open space as a park, an area for walking, relaxation, enjoyment of nature, free playing.
The balance found is not static, fixed, unchangeable. The aim has been to predispose the space in order that the uses, the people, the circumstances for use define the balance every time.
The area of the present sports field has been etched and notched by a few signs that reconfigure its own potential and space.
A large wooden deck is positioned over the field generating a sort of tree-populated environment under which you can rest in the shade, walk, read a paper, play…….
It becomes a strong generator for new social occasions.

Musile di Piave (Ve), 2005
Client: Comune di Musile di Piave
Project: Made associati _ Michela De Poli & Adriano Marangon
Consultent: dott. Agr. Claudio Corazzin
Safety: geom. Francesco Merlo
Cost: € 1.610.000,00