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The winery of future has ORGANIC roots _ La Pizzolato a Villorba (Tv)

Pizzolato Winery in Treviso, Italy, nominated to the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2017
HONORABLE MENTION  ”Barbara Cappochin” International Architecture Prize – 2017
Wine&Landscape Architecture 2.0 – ECCELLENZA DEL PAESAGGIO per la Cantina Pizzolato. MIPAAF (Ministero delle politiche agricole alimentari e forestali), Paysage/Topscape – 2018
Presente in: “Arcipelago Italia. Progetti per il futuro dei territori interni del Paese”  curatore Mario Cucinella per il Padiglione Italia alla 16. Mostra Internazionale di Architettura della Biennale di Venezia (26 maggio – 25 novembre 2018) promosso dalla Direzione Generale Arte e Architettura contemporanee e Periferie urbane, MiBACT

The Pizzolato Winery was founded in 1985, using the experience of five generations, who had decided to live in harmony with the environment and to produce organic wine.

According to Settimo Pizzolato, ORGANIC is not a product, but a life style, a constant commitment towards the environment, a choice based on a personal growth path, where respect is the foundation of the society. That’s why all the Pizzolato Wines are rigorously organic.

The winery has a long 35-year story notable for its constant increase in production. The winery is situated in a well constructed, well organised and cultivated location that forms a good quality landscape designed with the articulation of a regular disposition of grape vines and clay paths. The landscape has within itself and connected both textural and interwoven features. The material composition and the colouring create almost a unicum. The presence of the Villa, residence of the owner, provides an ulterior element in the composition of the landscapes’s elements.

The offices area is planned to be the representative image of the company and it has a direct connection to the open space, since on the ground floor there is a reception, a shop and a laboratory area.

A suspended boardwalk is the connection for the different architectural levels and for all the productive areas, giving, not only visually, the idea of the continuity of the wine making phases, from the vineyards till to the glass.

The building has a external cladding- filter, like a sort of “skin”. It is made by planks, vertically set. Their future oxidation will be useful to level out the building to the landscape, like the traditional rural farm houses of the Treviso country.

The winery has several openings to the outward area: some grass surfaces are the transit space between the parking and the building, while a little boards square gives continuity with the inner rooms.

The external cobbled space is used for events and other Company activities.


The used wood is beechwood. The wood, Pefc certified, comes exclusively from the Cansiglio monitored Forest, where it is accurately selected thanks to an agreement with Veneto Agricoltura. It is a local product, because this forest is only 25 km far form the Itlas Productive dept. Moreover the Cansiglio beechwood is so solid and resistant that it was used also by the Serenissima Republic for its ships.

It is a complex and valued project that planned a building which is very contemporary and linear and which reflects the present and the future of the Winery. It’s a company that adapt itself to the surrounding territory, in a continuous dialogue between knowledge, respect and wellness, the principles of the organic lifestyle.


Time | 2013/16

Location | Villorba, Tv

Client | La Cantina Pizzolato

Project design | MADE associati _ Treviso

arch. Michela De Poli

arch. Adriano Marangon

Coll | arch. Francesco Faggian

Chartered Surveyor | ing. Andrea Rigato

Mechanical | p.i. Alessandro Sartori

Electrical | p.i. Luciano Michielin

Agro | Antonio Rottin

Plumbing | iDeVa Igegneria
Wood facade, internal wood flooring, external flooring, furnishings and interior design: ITLAS S.p.a., Cordignano
Lighting: Stingers Illuminotecnica, Silea (Tv)
Plumbing _ Bertazzon Impianti srl, Carbonera (Tv)
Electrics _ Elettrotecnica Zanatta, Villorba (Tv)
Window & door fixtures _ Ser Lux Serramenti, Maserada sul Piave (Tv)
Carpentry: Massimo Pasqualato, Crocetta del Montello (Tv)
Metal structures: Prefabbricati Favero, Montebelluna (Tv)
Internal partitions, facades: Antonello finiture, Castelfranco Veneto (Tv)
Green: Habitat natura, San Biagio di Callalta (Tv)

Video (di Marco Pavan):