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Borgo Mazzini Smart Cohousing _ the garden of grains

The Borgo Mazzini project focuses on the use of abandoned and available sites in a large section of Treviso. The place represents, in the urban point of view, a sort of transition area between different periods of the historical city, from the medieval fortifications to the Renaissance, with their own characteristics. The involved buildings which represent the compact urban front are now under refurbishment. The aim is to realize integrated cohousing models: apartments, living units and facilities. The proposal introduces new public passages ways which make the curtain of buildings towards the city more permeable. The purpose of this approach is to mix and integrate public users and cohousing guests in order to improve socialization. According to the Universal Design’s guidelines the project add value to the area by the enlargement of typology of users and, thanks to an innovative design, is able to respond to their different needs.


Time: 2017/2020

Site: Treviso

Client: ISRAA

Project: Made associati _ Michela De Poli e Adriano Marangon

Coll: arch. Silvia Fracassi, arch. Federico Comuzzo, arch. Laura Castenetto

Structure: ing. Andrea Rigato