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Urban re-qualification of the historical centre of San CiprianoSan Cipriano (Tv), 2008


The project originates from a reading of the elements that constitute the town centre of San Cipriano.
The new urban structure is located in a nodal point of the centre which is visible both from its historical directional form, generated
by the Musestre River and Via San Cipriano, and also from the successive modern expansion imposed on a orthogonal linking structure.
Our objective was to link the two structures, to find a connection, giving continuity to the existing urban fabric without, however, trying
to simplify the urban composition, but on the contrary, leaving it free to support the different directional form.
This aim allowed for the generation of complicated central spaces, not simply definable as a square, but as a spatial system
able to relate with the road, with the green space, with the buildings, with the church…..

The central spatial system is articulated in different areas and allows for a diversified perception, the space does not
immediately reveal itself, but needs to be walked along and lived. There are narrow areas, passages (under arches), wider spaces,
of protection and of openness.
The buildings that compose the space are simple in form, continually deformed, almost excavated from the wish to absorb the internal
Relationships are the basis on which the entire intervention is structured, not only on the inside but also opening up and connecting
to the pre-existence. It is an operation of re-stitching that happens through the succession of new roadways and new spaces
that involve the central area, the cinema space and of the church.

San Cipriano (Tv), 2008
Client: Comune di Roncade
Project: Made associati _ Michela De Poli and Adriano Marangon with Tepco srl
1st Class Project